On Sunday we wrapped up a 4-day intensive Soul Mission * Life Vision retreat in The Netherlands. Twelve participants travelled from various parts of Holland as well as from Belgium and Germany to find their purpose–why they are here. Some of them had a sense of their soul mission before coming, but were still not able to really clearly articulate it; others seemed to have no idea about their true life purpose.

Soul Mission is the purpose you were born with–why you are here. No one’s soul mission is to be a doctor or lawyer, a parent or a teacher. Your soul mission is the energy underneath that–the passion, fuel, and yearning that drives who you are and what you do. It is your greatest gift to the world as well as your greatest lesson, because you have to be able to live it for yourself before you live it for anyone else. It is your greatest potential–a potential that you will be living into for your whole life. If what you think is your soul mission is something that you do easily all the time–if it doesn’t challenge you and call you forth to stretch and grow–then you haven’t really found it.

Your soul mission gives you a reason for being and a context for your life. Once you know your soul mission, everything that you do–your work, the roles you play, your relationships, your friendships, your hobbies–they all become vehicles for living your soul mission. In this way, you live a life of fulfillment and reward.

So back to our four days. It was so incredible to watch the transformation that unfolded for each participant. Day by day, and sometimes hour by hour, participants were witnessing shifts within one another and supporting one another to step fully into the transformation that was occurring. It was a beautiful thing to behold. One by one, each of the participants gained understanding about facets of their lives, why some things worked and others didn’t, and became clarity about their roles in the creation of their realities. They stepped further into the power of their own choices. And, as always, there was further learning and discovery for me and for my assistants as well.

On the morning of the third day, the participants declared their soul missions. Many of them commented on how their missions seemed so big and yet were so simple. Then as the day continued, they then began listening to their soul missions to inspire and inform their life visions–what their lives could actually look like. Through this process, they discovered that the most important leader of their own lives was their soul mission. Furthermore, they discovered that their soul and soul mission had answers to many of their biggest questions. Again, observing their process was a beautiful thing. I often tell people that I have the best job in the world, and these four days reaffirmed that feeling for me.

Tomorrow I begin a 5-day Transformational Presence Coach Training here in Holland. While today is an important day of rest, I can’t help but also feel incredible excitement about the journey of the coming days. My soul mission is I liberate and empower. Everything that I do, whether it is a coaching session, or leading a workshop, or writing a blog post, or having a conversation with a friend, somewhere under the surface is an energy of liberation from whatever holds us back and empowerment to live the lives we are called to live.

How about you? What is your soul mission? Can you articulate it in just a very few words?

If you know it already, celebrate it, and perhaps this post will be a reminder to you. And if you haven’t yet identified your soul mission, take some time do that. It will be one of the best things you could do for yourself and those you love.

Let your soul mission be the ground you walk on and the air you breathe. Let it be the center around which your life revolves. If you are trying to figure out how to fit your soul mission into your life, it will never happen. Know who you are and why you are here, and then invite your life to meet you there.

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