We live in a world where rapid change and disruption have become the norm. Many of the old rules, structures, and practices for business, government, education, and even our personal lives and relationships no longer serve us. Because these are times like none other, no one can tell us definitively how to move forward. It is up to each of us to discover and create as we go. It’s up to us to transform our world.

Transformation begins with shifting awareness and learning to see, perceive, and think in new ways, stepping beyond our mainstream thinking and approaches. Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching (TPLC) offers simple yet powerful tools, skills, language, and structures for new ways of intuitive thinking and fundamental shifts in perception. As a result, next steps become clear, allowing us to move into effective and sustainable action. TPLC brings a transformational coaching approach to all parts of your life, both personal and professional.

Both ancient wisdom teachings and modern-day physics tell us that, at the most fundamental level, everything is energy in motion. Everything is a part of a larger unfolding process; nothing exists in isolation. Taking this a step further, we understand that form follows energy. The wave-particle principle from quantum physics tells us that the wave (energy and potential) comes first. The wave then collapses into a particle (a physical form or reality). Therefore, if we want to change the “forms” of our lives, organizations, businesses, or social structures – if we want to create effective structures, policies, practices, and relationships that truly serve us both personally and as a society – the best place to begin is with transforming the energy that first created and now sustains those forms. 

You might be thinking, “This is pretty heady stuff – too much for me!” Yet putting these ideas into practice actually comes down to asking three simple questions:

  1. “What wants to happen?” Not, “What do I want?” or “How do we fix it?” Instead, we ask, “What is the potential that is waiting to unfold?” or “What is the deeper message trying to get through?” or “What is the breakthrough wanting to happen?”
  2. “Who is this asking me to be?” Other versions of this question might be, “What role is it asking me to play?” or “How is it asking me to ‘show up’?” or “What qualities or characteristics is it asking me to embody?” For example, perhaps it’s asking me to be courageous, honest, or authentic, or to be a steward for healing, action, or clarity.
  3. “What is this asking me to do?” Usually, the first question we ask when confronted with a challenge is, “How do I do it / fix it / move forward?” We skip questions #1 and #2 above completely. However, it’s through those first two questions that we get to the energy level and tap into the greater potential waiting to unfold. And that’s where the power lies.

Three simple questions. However, at first, most people need tools and skills to help them get to the place where they can effectively work with just three questions. They need practical, immediately applicable approaches that can work in every area of their lives. They need simplicity – a powerful simplicity that cuts through to the essence of what is going on and allows us to see our way through the complexities. Creating that kind of powerful simplicity is an art.

This is what Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching is all about. We begin with simple models that can speak to anyone – models that help you and those you serve quickly recognize habitual patterns of thought, perception, and action. Right away, you begin seeing which patterns serve you and which get in your way and start to make clear choices about who you will be and how you will approach circumstances and situations going forward.

Through the TPLC program, you learn how to recognize emerging potential in any situation or circumstance. You then learn how to partner with that potential for breakthroughs and outcomes that far surpass what you and those you serve might have thought possible. The simple, practical, and direct approach of Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching takes big ideas and concepts and makes them understandable and immediately applicable in today’s rapidly changing world.

What is the difference you feel called to make in the world? TPLC can help you make that difference. Join us.


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