With great excitement, I welcome Trace Hobson to the leadership team at the Center for Transformational Presence. Trace and I first met when he participated in the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training in Banff, Alberta, Canada in April 2016. He had already been working with several of our TPLC colleagues on other projects and had been feeling drawn toward this work for a while.

Shortly after our time together in Banff, we began talking about next steps for the Center for Transformational Presence and the role that Trace might play here. Through extended weekly conversations in May and June, we have been listening to the essence of Transformational Presence and the great potentials that are now emerging within the work and the community. Trace and I each bring different and complementary backgrounds, gifts, talents, and skills to the table, and we are both very enthusiastic about following the potential together for what is waiting to unfold.

Trace Hobson

We had great fun finding Trace’s title! Just as Kim Adams is our Chief Action Officer (also known as our Chief Get-It-Done Officer), we were looking for just the right combination of playfulness, creativity, and substance for Trace’s title. He joins the Center for Transformational Presence now as our Chief OAM (pronounced “OM”) – our Chief Organizational Alchemist and Mystic.

Trace will lead us forward with all things having to do with our operations and program structure as we take our message and approach further out into the world. This allows me to put more focus and energy on writing, teaching, speaking, and creating new programs and materials as the Founder, Chief Creator, and Master Teacher at the Center. And Kim continues in her role as Chief Action Officer.

Over the last thirty years, Trace has worked with franchises, national-level non-profit organizations, small and medium-size businesses, national corporate organizations, coaches, and professionals, as well as with families and individuals, to facilitate transformation, high-performance results, and deep connection, both inside and outside their enterprises. He currently makes his home in the province of British Columbia in Canada.

I asked Trace what he would like to share with our community members as he officially joins us. These are his words:

Recently, I had the good fortune to spend four days with 43 other TPLC graduates from around the world at the 2016 Transformational Presence Global Summit in Chester, Connecticut, USA. Being in the presence of so many amazing people, all intentionally creating a space for learning and growing together, I couldn’t help but notice that the “space” that we created, the processes that we shared, and the presence of the people there were helping me “show up” even more authentically. The event underscored for me the reason why I am on the planet and why I feel called to work with the Center for Transformational Presence.

The reason that I find the Transformational Presence work so compelling is because I get to be me inside of this unique space that we create together – the kind of space that people everywhere long for. It’s a space of freedom and authenticity – a space where we all get to come and play unapologetically and explore our unique gifts, our conditioning, our insecurities, and our magnificence. It’s a space of unconditional acceptance and love that transforms anything that comes into it. 

For me, personally, as I allow myself simply to breathe and be present within that space, somehow my cynicism, resistance, judgment, and fear is transformed into deeper compassion and awareness. The Transformational Presence space inexplicably weaves it all together with a consistency and texture of love, connection, laughter, and joy that I can barely explain. Each time, it is unique, yet each time it’s also reliably the same, in spite of my fear and doubt. I love this space and I want to support others in learning how to create it, too.

At the end of the day, I believe that everything that I have been through, both personally and professionally, has brought me to this point in the here and now. I am here, bringing all of who I am, to serve people and organizations with transformational tools and processes that can help them find themselves, their authentic power, their unique contributions to our world, and most importantly, their wholeness.

I’m very excited to step into this new role at the Center for Transformational Presence and to work with all of you to create a world that works.


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