Much has been written about 2012–lots of it hype and some of it really insightful and helpful. This will be a year of changes, to be sure. How those changes play out and whether or not they are lasting is yet to be seen. There is huge potential for transformation at just about every level. The question remains as to whether or not we as a mass consciousness will step forward to embrace that potential and steward it into reality.

We are a culture obsessed with the sexy, flashy, new, and exciting. However, if we are going to truly create a world that works for all – ways of being and doing in the world that serve a greater good – there are some very fundamental things that must shift. Yes, the new technology that will come on the scene in 2012 will make many more things possible. Yet if we haven’t made some very fundamental shifts in how we think and how we show up in the world, to close the gaps between what we say is important to us and how we live, then our world will not transform in such a way that truly serves all.

So as you look at 2012 and beyond and what needs and wants to change in your life or organization, ask of yourself what must change inside of you – your thoughts, your presence – in order to bring about lasting change in your world. Keep it simple. Look for the fundamental shifts in perception and approaches to life that could make a difference. Notice how you look at things and ask yourself if that perspective and attitude is truly serving you to live your greatest potential. If not, what will you shift today? Notice your habits and practices and check in to see if they are in alignment with your greatest potential. If not, again, what will you shift today? And indeed, spend some time exploring the greatest potential that wants to unfold through you and your life this year. Who must you be in order to manifest that potential?

Sometimes we think things are more complex than they are. Even with the most complex and complicated situations, come back to the simplicity. What simple shift can you make today in who you are, how you think, and how you are showing up in that situation that would make a significant difference?

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