Transformation has become another buzz word of the day–a word that is being tossed around casually often without considering what it truly means.

Transformation is not a “casual” concept. It is a life-altering concept. It literally means to change form. At the most fundamental level, transformation means a shift in vibrational frequency. When we transform, we shift our vibrational frequency. This, in turn, creates a shift in how we think, how we perceive, the choices we make, the actions we take–in essence, how we “show up” in the world. When we experience personal transformation, we realize that who we are and how we relate to and engage with the world has just changed. We can begin to develop transformational presence.

Furthermore, transformation tends to be long-lasting, as opposed to change which can be fleeting. Transformation happens on the inside, and often leads to change on the outside. Change inspired by transformation is usually sustainable, whereas change that comes as a result of a decision to simply do something differently is very often short-lived.

As a culture, we vacillate between resisting change and forcing it. On one hand, we resist change out of fear of stepping beyond what we know or have become accustomed to, becoming more entrenched in habitual beliefs, habits, and practices. On the other hand, we initiate make change in reaction to something that happens or in an attempt to fix something.

At the Center for Transformational Presence, we understand transformation as a natural evolutionary process. It’s a part of life. When we live within the natural evolutionary flow, we are constantly transforming–our vibrational frequency is constantly shifting and adapting to the larger flows of life, and the larger flows of life are constantly shifting and adapting to the collective consciousness that together we create.

We can become stewards for positive transformation in our world by paying attention to the greatest potential that is trying to unfold, whether in our personal lives, our relationships, our careers, our organizations and businesses, or in our governments. The greatest potential will always serve a greater good. Our job is to tap into that potential, listen to it, and partner with it to bring it into reality in our day-to-day world.

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