Lately I’ve been pondering what it is about how we show up that makes the most extraordinary transformational work possible. What keeps coming to me is that, while others may perceive what we do as breakthrough, extraordinary, or even miraculous, to those of us doing the work, it somehow needs to feel ordinary, normal – just our everyday work.

This is not to say that we take what we do for granted. It is important that we hold the power of transformational work with huge honor and respect, never ceasing to be in awe of what is possible when we partner with potential – when we co-create with what wants to happen in service of something bigger than ourselves.

Yet at the same time, we embody great humility in the understanding that we alone aren’t transforming anything. We are simply stewards for a greater potential.

From a human perspective, what we do may appear extraordinary because our approach, and often our results, are not yet common in the mainstream world. However, from an energy perspective, it’s just doing what needs to be done to open the flow. Plumbers unclog pipes, electricians connect electricity, engineers show us how to build structures through understanding the laws of energy, healers open the flow of chi within the body. It’s just what they do.

As transformational leaders, we look into situations and circumstances, perceive where the energy blocks are, and help those we serve open the flow again. We partner with a greater evolutionary intelligence to advance understanding and awareness in the mass consciousness. We listen for what wants to happen and create spaces that invite new understanding, open hearts and minds, and allow for shifts in perception. We help those we serve uncover new realities waiting to unfold. It’s just what we do. It’s just part of our day’s work.

A few weeks ago, Peter Heinrichs, a graduate of the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching program and one of our newest Certified Transformational Presence Coaches, posted these words on the TPLC International Graduates Linked In group:

What I love about transformational presence work is…….presence. It seems that many people today sense that they are being pushed into new work and vastly different choices. The roles, the expectations, the institutions are slipping away. What’s moving forward is the work of being helpful, of serving, of choosing love and truth over fear and judgment again and again and again. There are no dates and timelines to this work. There is no movement to sign up for. There is presence and the meeting of companions who are doing their work, and the peace that comes from the encounter. 

Transformational leadership. Humbly making the extraordinary ordinary. It’s just our job – nothing more, nothing less. Invite the extraordinary to happen. Even expect it. And stand in humility and love as transformation unfolds.

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