Things are really flowing for me and my work these days. Presentations are going well, clients keep coming, some business changes are happening, invitations to speak are showing up – it’s all just working really well at the moment and I’m very happy. No doubt you have also experienced times when things are just clicking and it feels like everything is falling into place; times when you are really “on” in your presentations or with those you serve; times when your creative juices are flowing. You know the feeling. And when it’s good, it is “oh so good!”

While it’s great to celebrate when things are “oh so good,” it is also very important to pause to consider how they got to be so good. Chances are, your thoughts, beliefs, practices, actions, and choices had something to do with it. Some questions to ask are:

  • What were the conditions that allowed things to just fall into place, both inside of you and outside of you?
  • Who have you been that contributed to the success?
  • How did you “show up” to your life and work that allowed things to click?
  • What parts of you did you really let shine?
  • What fears, doubts, or resistance did you choose to transform so that things could start to unfold?

Too often, when things aren’t going so well, when the flow is not happening, and when we are feeling stuck, we start by asking what we are doing wrong. An important key in transformational leadership is to pay attention to what is happening when things are going especially well. Notice who you and those who are working with you are “being.”

  • What qualities and characteristics are you and they modeling?
  • What is the energy that you and they are radiating?
  • What are the conditions that are allowing for the amazing synchronicities, for the inspired presentations, and for the new opportunities that you are attracting?

Pay attention to what’s underneath the success and keep feeding those conditions. Then when things aren’t going so well, you can pause to consider what is missing.

  • Who are you not being now that you were being when everything was flowing?
  • What conditions are missing that, if they were brought back in, would open the flow of energy again?

Next time things are “oh so good,” celebrate and be grateful! AND, notice what is happening beneath the surface to allow things to be so great. Then keep focusing your attention there. When everything is flowing, it is because the energy is aligned. Pay attention to who you and those you are working with are being, to what you are doing, and to how you are showing up, and then keep being and doing it!

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