This week 19 more coaches graduated from the Transformational Presence Coach Training program at the Center for Transformational Presence. That in itself is very exciting for me as the creator of this program. Yet what is even more exciting to me is the fact that there are now a total of 93 graduates from 14 countries. All of that in only two years.

This speaks to the power of partnering with “what wants to happen.” After much prodding and nudging from many people, several years ago I began putting this program together. Momentum picked up very quickly as it felt like this program took all the material that I have created over the past 16 years and lifted it up to the next level. Transformational Presence Coaching is not just the culmination of my work over the last 16 years; it is the next evolution of the work.

For many years now I’ve allowed my life and work to follow where it was being led. I’ve listened to what seemed to want to happen next and followed that energy. After a successful career in teaching singers in New York City, I followed the energy into coaching and personal development work. Now in the last several years that personal development work has evolved into supporting clients in their leadership and service. Transformational Presence work represents the beautiful evolution of my own journey from helping people know themselves and develop their gifts to now supporting them in their leadership and service in a rapidly transforming world. I feel like I have the best job in the world as, by supporting my clients and workshop/training participants, I get to be a part of  amazing projects in service of a greater good around the world. What could be better than that?

Two years ago, for a period of several weeks, every day I heard a strong message during my  meditation time: Surrender to the service you are being asked for. And so that is now how I live my life. I pay attention to what I am being asked for, and if it feels in alignment with my soul mission, “I liberate and empower,” I say yes. And then later I discover why I needed to be there or why that “yes” was important. I feel blessed and challenged at the same time. Everything is speeding up, my schedule just gets more full, and the number of people with whom I am directly engaged continues to increase. And I just ride the wave. In the past I worried about whether or not I really “have the goods.” There isn’t time to worry about that any more. I just have to keep following the energy and see where it takes me next and who shows up at my door or in my inbox next. As activist and poet Audre Lorde said, “When I dare to be powerful–to use my strength in the service of my vision–then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

Transformational Presence means many things. Yet at its essence, it means creating an optimal energetic space in which the greatest potential of any moment or situation can unfold. It’s something we can all do. In fact, the world needs for more and more of us to be creating and holding that space. It is a way of being. It is an art. And so this week I celebrate 93 graduates of Transformational Presence Coach Training in 14 countries and salute them for the extraordinary gifts they are giving to our world.

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