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The Transformational Presence Leadership Center is now open—a resource center for anyone committed to making a difference through their leadership, coaching, or service. For the first time, I am making full scripts, instructions, and videos available for the many breakthrough Transformational Presence leadership and coaching tools, frameworks, and concepts. Also for the first time, we are putting particular focus in the Leadership Center on how to use these concepts and tools within organizational and business settings, both for teams and one-and-one support.

What is the Transformational Presence Leadership Center?

A couple of years ago, I was invited to create a program called “Leaders Shaping Culture Through Their Presence” for high-level and high-potential global leaders within IKEA. More recently, I was asked to create a video and pdf article curriculum for that program that would allow them to scale it down through the whole company all around the world.

As I worked on that curriculum, I realized that members of our community might appreciate a similar kind of resource – actually a much bigger resource – that would give them access to all of the skills, tools and frameworks from the Transformational Presence work. With that idea, the Transformational Presence Leadership Center was born.

Recognizing that Transformational Presence provides the foundational tools, skills, frameworks, and capacities needed for conscious leadership in today’s rapidly changing world, the Leadership Center is designed as a subscription-based resource center to support you in your conscious leadership.

Based on the content of my new book, Transformational Presence: How To Make a Difference In a Rapidly Changing World, and it’s companion, The Tools, Skills, and Frameworks, the Leadership Center is a resource library of interactive videos and step-by-step scripts of more than 50 Transformational Presence tools and frameworks, concepts and approaches.

The subscription also includes monthly live videoconferences where we dive deeper into specific topics and tools. These videoconferences are recorded so that you have the option of watching them at your convenience.

Our intention with the Leadership Center is to support you as fully as possible to apply Transformational Presence tools and concepts in your work in any field.

Who is the Leadership Center for?

The Transformational Presence Leadership Center is designed for leaders, executives, managers, organizational developers, coaches, mentor, educators, visionaries, public servants, and anyone who wants to help create a world that works.


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What roles do Alan and Trace play as hosts?

My role in the Leadership Center is as the creator and primary teacher of the foundational concepts, tools, and frameworks of Transformational Presence – and to keep on creating more! In the Leadership Center, I teach these concepts through a library of short videos and full script texts. Where appropriate, I also share how I have applied Transformational Presence tools and concepts in work within organizations and companies as well as with individuals.

I asked Trace Hobson to join me in hosting the Leadership Center to build on my work and help us explore the full application of the Transformational Presence approach specifically in business and organizational settings.

Together, Trace and I will lead the monthly interactive teleconferences where we can go deeper into the application of specific topics, tools, and frameworks.

From time to time, we will also invite others to contribute – members of the Transformational Presence community who are making a difference in organizations, businesses, and societal systems through Transformational Presence concepts and approaches.

How does the Subscription Work?

Free access is available for anyone to a dozen videos and scripts. Just sign up to receive your login and password credentials for the Leadership Center and go explore.

Becoming a monthly subscriber gives you access to more than 60 videos and scripts. Many of the scripts are available now as well as quite a few videos. Each month, I will continue to add more videos to enhance your understanding of how to best use the scripts and instructions. In many of the videos, I actually lead you through the tool or exercise, almost like a mini-coaching session.

For those who wish to subscribe and take full advantage of all the Leadership Center has to offer, the monthly charter subscription fee is $47. You may begin your subscription at any time and discontinue when you feel that you have gotten what you need. Becoming a “charter subscriber” means that your monthly subscription fee will never be increased as long as you maintain your initial subscription. The charter subscription is available to everyone through August 2018.

Just a further word about your subscription fee – as you might suppose, it helps to support the creation and ongoing evolution of this extensive library and resource center. However, perhaps more importantly, it supports the ongoing evolution and development of Transformational Presence work in the world. Thank you for your contribution to the continuing expansion of this work.

What Does My Monthly Subscription Include?

Your $47 monthly subscription includes:

  • Monthly live and interactive 75-minute videoconference with Alan and Trace exploring the practical application of Transformational Presence concepts and practices in leadership, coaching, organizational development, and personal/professional development. All live videoconferences will be recorded so that you can always watch them later at your convenience.
  • Ongoing video and audio support and resource development for living, leading, coaching, and serving from the Transformational Presence approach.
  • More than 50 leading-edge discovery-based organizational and leadership development concepts, tools, approaches, and practice, including full scripts and supports.

If the Transformational Presence Leadership Center feels like it could be a valuable resource for you, join us! We look forward to meeting you there, being with you in the monthly teleconferences, and supporting you in any additional ways that we can.

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