As the end of the year draws near, I find myself reflecting over not only these last 12 months, but over events, friends, and experiences from 30, 40, even 50 years ago. Yet what is especially wonderful about this reflection is that it doesn’t really feel like memories. As soon as the flash comes, I seem to be instantaneously there in that time and space with those people, in those feelings, experiencing it all over again in a marvelously engaged yet detached kind of way. Hard to explain, but, in the moment, it is very real. I’ve had wonderful re-connections in another reality with so many loved ones from my past, and there is great warmth and love inside.

Perhaps it is because for me, at least, this year has brought more than its share of good-byes, but there is something very special about letting go of this present moment and instantly finding yourself in another time and space. I’ve had some wonderful conversations in those other realities, filled up my heart, and found parts of myself that I didn’t realize until that moment I had forgotten.

Our lives are like giant tapestries. Many experiences, people, and events become the millions of threads and design the patterns. Some were great, others not so good, and perhaps some pretty awful. But they are all part of the tapestry that makes us who we are.

While the whole tapestry will always be there, we can choose which parts of it we continue to give energy to. We can choose which relationships and people to drop in on again in our time travel–which experiences and events we engage again. This holiday season, as you reflect over the past year as well as your whole life, give yourself the gift of traveling through time and space to visit those people and events that bring sweetness and light to your heart and soul. It’s a gift both for you and for them!

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