It seems on every level of my life right now I’m being asked to trust in the unfolding potential, even though I don’t always know what it is that is unfolding. And everywhere I turn the last few days, others are talking about this same thing. Being willing to sit in the unknown, yet holding absolute faith and trust that things are moving, and even moving in the right direction.

Transformational leadership and coaching often means stepping into unknown territory, blazing new trails, going where no one else has gone before. Being with the unknowing and trusting the unfolding is a lot easier if you are comfortable in letting your intuitive intelligence guide you. In doing transformational work and working with unfolding potential, sometimes all you have is your intuition. Sometimes all you can do is listen into the emerging potential to hear or be shown the next step.

Intuitive intelligence is one of the greatest gifts we are given. We all have it. We just have to practice using it and develop our skills in that area. Yet beyond working with the intuitive mind is trusting it! How do you learn to trust what your intuition is telling you?

You can start with practicing awareness skills in every day life when things are going well and the stakes are low. Start by using your intuitive mind to make little decisions that don’t have big consequence and see what happens. Then gradually start using your intuition for bigger decisions and choices, slowing working your way up to more important ones. Pay attention to when your intuition served you and when it didn’t. What was the difference in how you “received” that information or guidance? What did it feel like in your body? What did you notice in your energy? The more clarity you have in how your intuition works and communicates with you, the more you will learn to trust it.

Being an effective and powerful transformational leader or coach demands that you are very at home in the intuitive realm. If this is a new realm for you, there are many books and courses that can help you. All of my books, workshops, and trainings offer exercises and tools for developing your intuitive skills. It’s the ground on which all else is built.

Develop your intuitive intelligence. It will serve you well as you navigate unknown seas.

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