A couple of weeks ago in a post titled “The Co-Creative Collective,” I shared reflections on the 2013 Transformational Presence Global Summit. Now Mark Vandeneijnde has created a beautiful short video about the incredible experience of those four days. He also had help from Vanessa Jane Smith as well as the various photographers and artists who were at the Summit.

A huge thank you to Mark and all those who helped to create this video. It captures the essence of who we are and what we are about here at the Center for Transformational Presence. I hope you enjoy it.



P.S. The Transformational Presence Global Summit is a yearly gathering of graduates from the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training Program. There are now over 200 graduates from this program from more than 20 countries. The primary resource book for the program is my latest book, Create A World That Works. It is available in bookstores everywhere, on amazon.com, or through our website store.


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