Welcome to the Center for Transformational Presence blog! I am excited about all that is happening at the Center as a new season gets underway. First there is the new website (with many thanks to my fantastic Personal Assistant Valerie Rickel), a new Transformational Presence Community which I hope you will join and get involved in, and new opportunities for learning and development.

On the horizon in the next few months are new starts for Transformational Presence Coach Training, offered both as a 7-month teleclass series as well as 5-day residential intensive programs in The Netherlands and at my home base in Rochester, New York in the U.S. There is a “Soul Mission * Life Vision” 4-day intensive retreat at the beautiful Klooster Nieuwkerk in The Netherlands. And there are also “Soul Mission” and “Manifestation Wheel” teleclass series coming up as well as a Virtual Retreat Day.

As we kick off this new season, I am aware of so many challenges in the world right now. Those challenges seem to be at every level of society, from the macro with looming global issues to the micro with deeply personal situations and circumstances. It can all easily become overwhelming. The best thing we can do is to stay focused and centered in who we know ourselves to be–to remain aligned with our essence and truth–and to stay present to the moment, listen to the Greater Consciousness and pay attention to what is wanting to happen next, and respond. I won’t pretend that this is necessarily easy, yet it can be done. And in fact, it’s just about the only way we will truly move forward in ways that serve a greater good.

And so, welcome again. I look forward to the journey ahead.

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