When something difficult needs to be said,
speak it clearly, simply, and honestly from your heart.
Intend that you will be heard from the heart.

And offer the same gift to everyone else.

Alan Seale (The Manifestation Wheel) 

In transformational leadership as well as in life, from time to time we must speak difficult words – the unacknowledged truth; a message someone does not want to hear; the reality that is being carefully avoided. We may struggle over finding the right words and the right moment to speak. We may second guess ourselves a thousand times and endure sleepless nights. I have certainly experienced all of those things.

Being a transformational leader or coach sometimes asks a lot from us. Yet, it doesn’t have to be so hard. When you know deep inside that something must be said, then first give yourself some time to sit in your heart with that knowing. Trust that, if you first sit in your heart, and then speak clearly, simply, honestly, and compassionately from your heart instead of from your fear, the right words will come. Then invite the right moment to show up in a natural, organic, grace-filled way.

When you extend this invitation from a place of love, you may be amazed at how quickly the moment comes. You may find yourself well into the conversation before you realize what is happening. As you realize that you’re now in that conversation, just take a deep breath, keep following the wisdom of your heart, and let the right words come.

I’m not saying that the conversation will always be easy. I’m just saying that you don’t have to struggle. Be fully present in the moment with all of the energies and feelings that are in the room. Just be with what is – from your heart. While speaking difficult words is not necessarily something you will ever look forward to, you can, through these simple steps, let those moments unfold with compassion and grace.

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