It is hard to find solid ground these days–a place where things are steady, constant, predictable, and secure. Transformational leadership is now more important than ever. But how? Where do you find a sure footing when the ground keep shifting? How do you find steadiness when everything keeps moving?

It starts with recognizing that change is actually the constant. There is a wave of energy that just keeps building in intensity and power and we must find our footing in the wave itself rather than on the ground underneath. So the first step is to tap into the potential that is flowing in that wave. What wants to happen? Where is the energy going? What wants to be created or to shift or to find a new form? When we can identify the potential wanting to emerge, we can ground ourselves in that potential and become stewards for it becoming our new reality.

These times demand new skills of balance, flowing with the tides, and paying attention on many levels of awareness. In an old paradigm, it would appear that nothing is predictable and nothing is safe or secure. However, in a new paradigm of partnering with potential, we can begin to identify the potential that is unfolding, the new direction trying to take hold, and become its steward for manifestation. Life is energy in motion. And the energy keeps speeding up in these transitional times.

We are rapidly moving toward a new world whether we like it or not. It is our choice whether to ride the waves of change and partner with an evolutionary intelligence to let it guide us, or to fight against the waves in a desperate attempt to hold on to the past. If we choose the latter, we are fighting a battle that is impossible to win. If we choose to partner with the evolutionary flow, amazing potential awaits.

Everywhere I look the ground is shifting. The waves of change and transformation are becoming more and more insistent. The ground is shifting on every level of our lives, from personal to professional, from local to global. So what do you choose? Will you fight against the waves of change and transformation or co-create with them?

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