“There’s something that wants to happen,” she said, “but I’m not sure what it is.”
“Neither am I,” I said. “Let’s go find out.”
“But I don’t even know where to begin,” she said.
“Neither do I,” I admitted. “Let’s start anyway.”
And so we did. And amazing things happened. And a new project was born.

These days in my work, I often sense that a potential is waiting to emerge, but I don’t know what it is or how to begin. Yet if I just start anyway, something happens. It’s as if an invisible partner starts talking to me and showing me things. A sign appears. Inspiration comes. An intuitive sense invites a step. And I’m off. A new co-creative process has begun.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve received from working with Transformational Presence is the awareness that things are always evolving. New ideas are always emerging, energy is constantly moving, and the possibility for co-creation is ever present, whether or not we notice them. If we pay attention, opportunities and invitations are everywhere.

In Transformational Presence work, we say that whatever is in front of you in the moment – whether that is a person, an idea, a situation, an obstacle, or an opportunity – is your next co-creative partner. When it is a person in front of you, you can talk with them about what is happening, the possibilities in front of you, and what steps you might take.

However, when it is a situation, an obstacle, an opportunity, or an idea, the conversation is on the energy level. It’s an intuitive conversation. It may not be in words. And it may not be something that you can easily explain to someone else. Yet to you, it’s very real. It’s tangible and clear. Somehow you “see” your next step. You “hear” a voice speaking to you. You “sense” something bigger than you guiding you.

Often, all you have to go on is an intuitive “knowing” or a “hunch.” Yet the more you follow your intuitive guidance, the more you learn to trust it. You learn how “partnering with potential” or “co-creating with an idea or a situation” works. You intuit what wants to happen, and you act. We call this TransformAction – the ability to sense or learn something and immediately put it into action.

As you do, things start to happen. The idea begins to take shape, the potential starts to take form, situations and circumstances transform in ways that the rational mind may not be able to explain. Yet somewhere inside, you realize, “Of course! That’s what wanted to happen.”

As you continue, synchronicity naturally occurs. Synergy abounds. Things come together in unexpected yet not surprising ways. What others might call miraculous, you recognize as alignment of energy. When you follow the potential and let it show you the way, you take the necessary actions and things fall into place.

And when they don’t fall into place, pay attention for the messages that are present in the current circumstance. Some part of the “not falling into place” has just become your next co-creative partner. Listen to it. Work with it. And you will find your next step.

Past experience, knowledge of how things work, analysis, and research, while helpful to a certain point, can only take us so far. The future invites us onto a new path – one we can sense, but we won’t really know until we start. This is true on every level – in our personal lives and relationships, in families and communities, in organizations and businesses, and in government and education. A new world is waiting. And it is up to us to co-create it.

Perhaps you, too, sense that there is something that wants to happen in your life or work, yet you aren’t sure what it is. Perhaps you have no idea where to begin. Start anyway. You’ll find your way. And what was just a seed of potential will become reality.


P.S. To learn more about paying attention to the messages all around us, the exercises of Chapter 8 of my latest book, Create A World That Works, can be a great place to start. The book is also available in digital format.


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