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Welcome from Alan Seale, Founder and Director

The Center for Transformational Presence

Transformational Presence—A way of showing up to life and leadership that calls forth the best from people, situations, organizations, societies in service of a greater good and the well-being of all. 

Who we are—A global discovery, learning, support, and transformation space for leaders, coaches, teachers, visionaries, social entrepreneurs, managers, parents, healthcare professionals, educators, artists, politicians, public servants, and anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Our Transformational Presence Global Leaders come from 7 countries throughout Europe and North America, making our work available in 8 languages.

Our mission is simple: We help create a world that works.

For us, a world that works is a world in which every person, regardless of skin color, gender identification, social or economic status, country of origin, or country of residence, is treated with dignity, respect, and honor. A world in which the Earth and her many ecosystems are nurtured and cared for as our sacred home. When this becomes our collective way of living, we will make choices, decisions, and policies that serve the well-being of all.   

We offer a full Transformational Presence toolkit and skill set—simple, practical, yet incredibly powerful tools and approaches that expand your capacities for:

  • being present with the realities of the moment
  • cutting to the essence of what is really happening
  • engaging the intuitive and rational minds in partnership
  • quickly assessing a situation and finding a next step
  • navigating complexity
  • strengthening resilience
  • moving forward with  effective and compassionate action 
Canoes at Boy's Club, Chautauqua

Our Global Leader Team

Our Transformational Presence Global Leaders come from 7 countries throughout Europe and North America, making our training and development programs available in 8 languages.