At some point in our lives, most of us have had to find our own path – our own way of doing something, our sense of who we are within a relationship, or a career path that made sense for us.

Following the calling of your heart or the passion of your soul sometimes requires going places you haven’t been before, doing things you don’t think you know how to do, and challenging the status quo. Sometimes we have to get in touch with our inner “rebel” in order to push boundaries, challenge assumptions, or buck the system. We have to blaze new trails. Often, others end up following those trails. And then the trail we blazed is serving others as well.

In this short video, I tell the story of a group of school children who, more than fifty years ago, literally blazed a new trail in my small Kentucky hometown. These children broke the rules, challenged authority, and ended up making a difference for generations to come.

Their story has a lot to teach us about how we blaze new trails in our lives and leadership. Enjoy the video!




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