If you build it, they will come. Inspired by the 1989 movie Field of Dreams, we associate this phrase with big ideas and visions. When I founded the Center for Transformational Presence in 2010, I can’t say that I had a particularly big vision or dream. I never imagined that what has happened would happen.

Our work in the world has steadily grown and evolved. Invitations continue to come from new countries and new regions of the world. Most recently, we’ve been invited to bring the Transformational Presence work to Royal Roads University in Canada and to the coaching community in Germany. More than ever before, Transformational Presence is now asking us to step up to a bigger vision. Which brings me back to that phrase: If you build it, they will come. I want to share a short version of our story with you in hopes that it might inspire you to follow your own calling.

In 2008, I had an idea for a program to support leaders and coaches in developing their own personal presence – a presence that could encourage and invite transformation for those they served. In early 2009, I launched a five-month teleclass program that quickly expanded into a seven-month program. And for the next couple of years, I led that program while I continued to write and serve coaching clients.

During that time, I admit that I was also feeling a bit lost as to what I was supposed to do next – what my work in the world was supposed to be. I had been teaching workshops several times a year in the Netherlands and Sweden in addition to the U.S. since 2006, yet I still felt a lot of uncertainty about what was next.

As I sought guidance through my meditation, one day I heard a quiet yet very confident voice within me speak this simple phrase: Say “yes” to the service you are being asked for. 

I admit that I was confused by that message at first. Yet the next day, I heard the same voice with the same message again. And then again the following day, and every day after for quite a long time.

And so, I just started saying “yes.” Whether the invitation was to speak, to lead a workshop, to write an article, or to accept a new coaching client, I just said “yes.” And the momentum started building.

In early 2010, I realized that I needed a more formal company structure to support the work, so I created Transformence INC as the corporate name for the Center for Transformational Presence. And the momentum kept building. The energy of Transformational Presence was taking on a life of its own. Invitations kept coming. I kept saying yes.

When I began building it, I had no idea that so many people would come. Now in the course of 2017, I am speaking and teaching in eight countries. Over the last twelve years, I have been privileged to share this work in 16 countries on five continents – many of those countries multiple times. Through teleclasses and webinars, the Transformational Presence work has spread into more than 30 countries.

Raquel Ark recently invited me to do an interview about the power of Transformational Presence and what it is about this work that people from so many countries are drawn to. Raquel is one of our graduates and certified Transformational Presence coaches and a very active member of the Transformational Presence community. Her work is centered in listening and communication. We had a great time creating the video, and I’m very happy to share our story with you.

Enjoy the video.


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