The practice of Transformational Presence is rapidly expanding around the world through our graduates and Certified Transformational Presence Coaches. Since the founding of the Center for Transformational Presence in early 2010, so much has happened. As our community continues to grow, more community members are stepping forward to ask how they can become more involved. We sense an emerging need for comprehensive, clear, and concise statement about who we are and why we are here, as well as guidelines for collaborations, partnerships, and the use of content and materials.

In response to that need, we have created the first iteration of the Transformational Presence Community Manifesto to help us work together in the most effective and productive ways. It is our desire to encourage and support members of the Transformational Presence community who wish to include the Transformational Presence approach, content, and materials as a significant foundation of their work in the world, as well as those who wish to collaborate with us for projects going forward.

We often refer to the Center for Transformational Presence as a grand experiment. We don’t know of any other organization that is doing what we are doing with a similar approach – partnering with others around the world to share this way of living and leading, and developing and supporting our community members to make the difference they feel called to make.

Sometimes it feels as if we are “flying the plane and building it at the same time.” We don’t always know how to do what we are doing, yet we’re doing it anyway, and learning as we go. Many things work out wonderfully; some ideas or projects don’t turn out the way we had hoped. And it’s all OK. We are confident that if we keep listening to the future that wants to unfold in service of a greater good, we will find our way.

To that end, we will periodically update and revise this Manifesto as needed. Sections of this first iteration of the Manifesto include:

  • Who We Are
  • Philosophical Foundation of Transformational Presence
  • What We Are About
  • Why Transformational Presence? Why Now?
  • Transformational Presence Core Capacities and Values
  • Evolution of a Global Community
  • Possibilities for Involvement, Project and Program Partnerships, and Succession of Leadership
  • Guidelines for the Use of Transformational Presence Materials and Strategic Alliance Agreements

While it is not our intention to set hard and fast rules and policies, we recognize the need for guidelines for the application and use of the Transformational Presence content, frameworks, and tools by community members in their own companies and programs.

Our aim is to co-create a new paradigm of shared content and resources with you, our community members. That includes a spirit of open source with the Transformational Presence tools, frameworks, and materials, while at the same time, honoring and respecting the creative work and the spirit of Transformational Presence.

We also wish to create possibilities for collaborative projects between the Center for Transformational Presence and our community members. Our aim is for Transformational Presence to provide a foundation of skills, tools, frameworks, and capacities for the global conscious leadership movement by supporting and inspiring our members to bring their gifts to the world.

I invite you to have a look at the Transformational Presence Community Manifesto. The webpage is organized in short sections so that you can easily find the parts of the document that interest you the most. If you feel called to become more involved with the Center and let the Transformational Presence approach be a more significant foundation to your work in the world, the “Possibilities For Involvement” sections of the Manifesto will suggest several next steps that you might consider. And if you are ready to just dive in, send us an email and let’s start a conversation.

We hope you will join us in the ongoing evolution of this grand experiment. Together, we can create a world that works.

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