As summer comes to an end and the autumn schedule is already in full swing, I’ve been reflecting on the rhythms and cycles of life and how they impact my daily experience. Both ancient wisdom teachings and quantum physics tell us that, fundamentally, everything is energy in motion, and that everything is part of a larger process or flow.

Within that context, the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm tells us that everything has its own rhythm and movement. Things are either growing and expanding or contracting and fading away. Nothing is absolutely still. Our lives are made up of many different parts – career, relationships, visions, dreams, projects – and each has its own unique cycle and flow.

In one area of your life or work, something new may be emerging or growing, while in another area, the energy seems to be fading away or even dying. Somewhere else, things may appear to be stuck. Yet if you look closely, you will find that there is still movement. It may be imperceptible at first, but there is movement. It’s like looking at clouds hanging in the sky on a very still day. At first, they appear to be suspended in place, yet if you look again in five minutes, the cloud formations have changed. Or, as in the photograph below of boats shrouded in the fog, it’s hard to tell at first glance whether the boats are disappearing into the fog or coming more into view. Only in time will you know.

Foggy morning on Chautauqua lake

Foggy morning on Chautauqua Lake, 2014 (Photo: Alan Seale)

The movements of energy, whether expanding or contracting, speeding up or slowing down, carry important messages and invitations. If we pay attention, they can tell us a lot about what is happening with our projects, visions, dreams, relationships, circumstances, or situations. They can show us our next steps and invite us to engage and respond. Too often, we quickly qualify something as good or bad, helpful or not, positive or negative, and miss important pieces of information. Yet if we step back to observe the patterns and flows and intuit the messages and invitations, we can immediately begin working with “what is” in a constructive way.

In the coming weeks, consider the current cycles and flows in the many parts of your life. Make note of where the energy is speeding up and where it’s slowing down, where things are expanding and growing and where they are contracting or fading away.

Then consider these two sets of questions in each area of your life and work. And by the way, these questions are equally effective for individuals, businesses or companies, teams, and organizations.

  • What is currently growing and expanding? What feels important to pay attention to in that pattern? What is the message and/or invitation? What is that growth and expansion asking of you? How will you respond?
  • What is currently slowing down, contracting, fading, or dying away? What feels important to pay attention to in that pattern? What is the message and/or invitation? What is that slowing down or fading away asking of you? How will you respond?

Awareness of the underlying “rhythms” in your life, leadership, projects, or relationships is an important skill in Transformational Presence. Pay attention to how the energy is moving and be curious about a greater potential waiting to unfold. Notice whether or not the current flow is serving that potential and intuit what the greater potential is asking of you. And then respond accordingly.


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