It was a small yet very diverse group – just 11 participants plus me. We ranged in age from 30s to 60s. All but one of us was currently living in the United States, yet in the whole group, there were five birth countries and three continents represented.

Some of us were well established professionally and successful in our careers. Others were feeling lost and seeking the career or life path that was waiting for them. Some were financially secure and money was no concern. Others were struggling to make ends meet.

Yet in spite of these differences, within the first couple of hours, the group began forming an incredible bond of connection, support, and encouragement. Even though there was great disparity in their life circumstances and cultures, the participants had at least one thing in common. They had all signed up for this weekend workshop in hopes of finding something that had felt elusive to them for a long time.

They were seeking their soul mission – their life purpose, their reason for being. They were all longing for a sense of direction, a sense of focus.

We were together for only 15 hours. Yet what happened in just 15 hours was extraordinary. One by one, they began finding their way. Through our process of peeling away layers and coming home to Self, they found their purpose.

As often happens in the Soul Mission workshops, the participants were much more focused on what they felt called to give than on what they could get. There was an incredible generosity of spirit. Their common longing made their differences irrelevant. They were all looking for the same thing.

In our last few hours together, they stood in front of one another and declared their soul missions, some with confidence and strength, others with awe and humility, and a few with tears of joy and relief.

At the end of our time together, we went our separate ways. On the surface, we stepped back into our very different lives. We may never meet again.

Yet on the inside, we had touched the essence of who we are. And we had met one another from that place. We had taken a deep dive into the human experience and recognized one another as fellow journeyers on this path of life. For those 15 hours, our differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, economic class, or political persuasion, didn’t matter. All that mattered was coming home to soul, recognizing its calling, and supporting one another in that quest.

Bottom line: our few short hours together were really about getting back to basics – back to what really matters. And experiencing that when we focus on the basics – when we focus on who we really are and why we are here – we discover that we’re much more alike than we are different.

So how about you?

Who are you? Why are you here? How is your soul asking you to live your life?

What might shift in your life, your relationships, and your work, if you put your focus on just those three questions?

~ ~ ~

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