Sometimes I just need to laugh. Like many people around me, I’ve been “burning the candle at both ends,” as they say. Perhaps you can relate. Since August, my life has been consumed with finishing two books, launching the first one and now shepherding the second through production, preparing to launch the Transformational Presence Leadership Center (stay tuned!), keeping up with weekly newsletter articles, leading webinars, and teaching and speaking in three countries. And then, of course, there’s always the care and nurture of home and family.

Chances are, your plate is similarly full – perhaps with different stuff, yet still overflowing. Sometimes we just need a breather. And laughter is great medicine for the soul!

So consider this. What could Winnie Mandela, gold bouillon, your best friend having all of their money stolen while in an exotic country, Solomon, business proposals, misspelled words, real estate, secret codes, KitKat, gummy bears, jelly beans, and Western Union all have to do with each other?

Email scams, of course! And in his TED Geneva video below, British writer and comedian James Veitch spins quite a tale – a true story – that is quite likely to make you laugh out loud more than once!

Over the last few years, Veitch has built a comedy career out of his mischievous adventures with email scammers. His charmingly intelligent humor and playfully serious engagement with the people behind the scams clearly delights his audience. He certainly gave a boost to my day.

So this week, I take an unapologetic step away from any attempts at inspiration, inquiry, or life exploration, and directly into the brilliantly creative comedic world of James Veitch! Enjoy.


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