At the Center for Transformational Presence, we continue to develop discovery and learning programs to support you in your personal and professional development. Today, we announce a new mentoring program in leadership and facilitation for those who wish to further refine their skills and capacities as a leader, coach, facilitator or public servant bringing Transformational Presence concepts, frameworks, and tools into organizational, business, group, societal, and/or workshop settings.

The Transformational Presence Leadership and Facilitation Mentoring Program (TPLM) is designed to support our graduates in further developing and expanding their work through their own programs and companies. Through their offerings and services, Transformational Presence can continue to ripple out through the world. The intention of this new mentoring program is not to expand the team of facilitators at the Center, but rather to encourage and empower our graduates to create and develop their own work based in Transformational Presence.

To create a context for this mentoring program, I’d like to share a bit about how we came to this new offering and how it fits into the bigger picture of who we are and why we are here. However, if you are eager to jump to the details of the program right away, you can bypass the article and go straight to the program webpage.

How We Started

Throughout my professional life, I have always found my next steps by listening to my inner calling and to what the world was asking me for. When I created the Center for Transformational Presence in 2010, it was clear to me that our focus was to be on teaching, mentoring, and supporting people and organizations to live into their greatest potential and create a world that works. It was my intention to create a small company with a lean operation that made a big difference in the world.

We have stayed true to that intention. By remaining small and forming alliances with our graduates and organizations around the world, I have had the privilege of leading our programs or being a keynote presenter at conferences in 16 countries on five continents.

Recent Expansion

Two years ago, the Center formed an alliance with Trace Hobson in Canada to support the further development of our work in the organizational and business world. It took some time to for us to find the form that our alliance wanted to take. However, in the last nine months, the form of our work together has become clearer. Trace created a new company, iConnectExpansion, with the express purpose of expanding the reach and impact of Transformational Presence. A significant part of his focus now is on supporting our graduates to further refine and develop their work in the world with Transformational Presence as a base.

Our alliance with Trace has allowed us to support members of our community on two critical levels: 1) in their development as Transformational Presence leaders, coaches, and facilitators; and 2) in expanding their impact in the world through a Transformational Presence approach. Again, this also supports the continued expansion and evolution of Transformational Presence through the work of others.  

The Birth of the Mentoring Program

Last year, I made a commitment to myself to lighten my travel schedule starting in 2019. I was also feeling called to share what I have learned and the artistry that I have developed as a coach and presenter over the last forty years.

I invited five Transformational Presence graduates from four countries to join me in a personal mentoring process that would prepare them to share the facilitation of some of our signature programs. My intention was, and still is, to continue teaching the signature programs in just a few locations, giving me more time and space for writing, coaching, speaking, and mentoring.

That original mentoring program became a pilot for a new program mentoring leaders, coaches, and public servants who are committed to Transformational Presence as a foundation of their own work in the world. Leading that first program also affirmed my passion and love for mentoring others in the art of Transformational Presence leadership and facilitation. From that pilot program, a new mentoring program has emerged.

The Transformational Presence Leadership and Facilitation Mentoring Program (TPLM)

The first offering of the TPLM will be a five-day mentoring retreat Sunday-Thursday, January 27-31, 2019 in Costa Rica. We will gather at Kantara, the home and retreat center of Karen Montealegre, a TPLC graduate and Certified Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner. Near San José, Kantara rests on the edge of a canyon overlooking a powerful cascading waterfall.

Enrollment in this program is limited to eight Transformational Presence graduates to ensure a high level of personal attention and support.

A significant portion of each day will be spent in a combination of group and one-on-one mentoring with me to help participants further refine their presentation and facilitation skills, as well as continue to deepen their own personal Transformational Presence.

I have invited Karen and Trace to join me in leading this program, offering further one-on-one learning and development. Participants will work with Karen and the horses of Kantara to strengthen inner alignment, intention, and clarity as a leader and facilitator. With Trace, participants can take further steps in refining their message and expanding the reach of their work in the world.

I am incredibly excited about this new program, both personally and for what it offers to members of our Transformational Presence community. If this mentor program calls out to you, join us. And if January 2019 is not the right time or location for you, yet this program is calling you, please let us know of your interest. This will help us plan other offerings for later in 2019 and 2020.

Learn more about the Transformational Presence Leadership and Facilitation Mentoring Program.



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