This week, I’m privileged to participate in filmmaker, poet, and speaker Nic Askew’s four-day intensive Soul Biography Experience. Seven participants have come together with Nic at a retreat center in Collegeville, Minnesota, USA to explore “seeing and being seen.” We have come to examine our purpose in life, to discover more about what it means to be an authentic presence, and to find within ourselves the messages that want to be shared for the most meaningful impact in the world.

I trust that this week will bring many gifts for all of us who are participating, and that the experience of these days will pour out through the work that each of us are bringing to the world.

In celebration of Nic and the experience of this week, I share with you Nic’s short parable film, On Wisdom. In describing this five-minute film, Nic says:

“A few years ago, The Leadership Circle [Asia Pacific] came to me with a challenge: To create a short piece that would open a leadership conference in Sydney. The theme was wisdom. I took the poetic rather than the logical path to this short piece. It seemed more appropriate. On Wisdom is the result.”

Enjoy the film.


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