Welcome back after our six-week summer hiatus! And welcome to the 2018-19 season at the Center for Transformational Presence. An exciting new season awaits us!

This summer has been a wonderful gift for me. There was time for stillness, quiet, and rest; there was time with close friends and family and a chance to deepen relationships; and there was time at my beloved Chautauqua. After spending the last two summers writing the Transformational Presence two-book set, it was so great to not have a huge project calling out to me every day. I’m very grateful.

Much as I was longing for the quiet and time for myself, it still took me a couple of weeks to slow down and shift to a new rhythm. From time to time during that transition, I would catch myself thinking about the very packed schedule of the autumn and all that there was to do. It was hard to let go! Perhaps you can relate.

In the middle of one particular night, I found myself wide awake and wondering how I would manage it all. It was too much. I was too tired. How was I going to do it?

Yet as I lay in my bed and breathed deeply into my spine and into the bottom of my body, a profound calm washed over me. I was reminded once again that my most important job – indeed, the most important job for all of us – is just to be present. That’s all. Our most important task is to show up fully as who we are and trust that what is needed in the moment will indeed happen.

I share the story of that transformative night in this short video. And I offer a 30-second practice to help you come back to full presence with the people and circumstances around you when life gets overwhelming.

In the coming weeks, when life is full and responsibilities are many, remember that our primary job is to be present and be aware. If we can just do that, we will find our way.


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