We are standing at the threshold of a new era. At every level of society, from global to personal, that new era will be defined by the choices we make in the next few years and the social and environmental systems and policies we put in place. Fundamentally, will that new era lift up the human spirit and our Earth home, supporting all to flourish? Or will it be an era of authoritarian control in the hands of a few?

In recent weeks, I’ve been sitting once again with the question: What is my next role in creating a world that works? I acknowledge that Transformational Presence has already made a significant difference in people’s lives all over the world. I also recognize the role I have played in the creation of this work and its growth and evolution.

Yet in the current climate of dysfunction and polarization in social systems, what further difference can I make? I don’t (yet) have the ear of a powerful politician or influential global leader. However, the leaders and coaches within our community have a broad reach. There is something stirring. What is it, and where do I begin?

To explore these questions, I’ve been using one of the most popular Transformational Presence tools, The Deep Simple. It’s a series of five simple yet deep and powerful questions that can bring focus, direction, and a next step. As a tool, it can be particularly helpful when you long to make a difference, yet you don’t know what or how. It is designed for the times when there is so much going on and the situation is so complex that you have no idea what to create, where to put your focus, or where to start.

The five questions are:

  1. What are three things that I know to be true about my situation? It’s not “true” with a capital T – it’s just what is true for me right now.
  2. Of those three things that I know to be true, which one holds the power for this moment?
  3. With that thing that holds the power, what wants to shift?
  4. Who is that shift asking me to be? What role is it asking me to play? How is it asking me to show up now?
  5. What is one step I can take today to move toward that shift?

 Once you have taken that step, you go back to question #1 and begin the cycle again. After several cycles through the questions and taking several steps, a vision or path usually begins to appear.

Let’s walk through these five questions one at a time as I share my own self-coaching process. Whether you are called to make a difference locally or globally, perhaps this will help you understand more fully how The Deep Simple could help you find your next steps or clarify your role going forward.

Question #1: What are three things that I know to be true about my situation?

First, I know that I want to do something more to help us find a way forward in my country and in the countries where I have connections.

Second, it’s important to acknowledge to myself that I am tired. I have been self-employed my entire professional life, re-creating my offerings and services approximately every ten years to meet the needs of the time. After more than 40 years, some days I just feel weary. Yet at the same time, I am experiencing more joy and fulfillment in my work in the last year than perhaps I ever have. The work is so powerful, and I feel richly blessed. So I feel a tension between feeling tired after so many years of service and an inner drive to keep going because our work is making a difference, bringing great reward and fulfillment.

Third, there is more vibrancy and engagement in the Transformational Presence community now than ever before. More and more people are becoming ambassadors for the Transformational Presence philosophy and approach through their own companies and service. Many of them are reaching out to me for support in further refining their skills and capacities. They want to make Transformational Presence the foundation of their work, and they want to be the best that they can be. The impact and influence of Transformational Presence continues to expand in an organic and natural way.

Question #2: Of those three things that I know to be true, which one holds the power for this moment?

The last one—the vibrancy and engagement in the Transformational Presence community, and the eagerness among community members to further refine their skills and capacities in the art of Transformational Presence. Something more is being asked of me here.

However, awareness and respect of the second one is also very important. It is critical that I respect my personal needs as well. It’s not time to stop. However, I must be aware and intentional in how I do what I do and at what pace so that I can keep living my soul mission, I liberate and empower, for greatest impact in the world.

Question #3: With that thing that holds the power, what wants to shift?

The natural further expansion of my work beyond teaching and facilitating of the four major programs (TPLC, TPLA, Soul Mission, and Manifestation Wheel) to an increased focus on mentoring leaders and facilitators in Transformational Presence.

This expansion wants to take several forms.

First, the Transformational Presence Supervised Mentor Coaching teleconference series has been in place for many years, and I love leading this small-group program. I get to witness enormous growth for each participant. So this program must continue.

In 2018, I added the TPLM—Transformational Presence Leadership and Facilitation Mentoring program. This is a five-day intensive mentoring retreat with a small cohort of eight leaders/facilitators. Through their multiple presentations, we learn from each other. For the cohorts that come together in Costa Rica, we add coaching with horses into the mix as well—another very powerful learning experience. I love the dance of mentoring individuals and mentoring the group at the same time. And the response from participants has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Two weeks ago, I invited Transformational Presence graduates who are working in companies and organizations to come together on a videoconference and share what they are learning as they take Transformational Presence into the business world. More than 50 people registered for the call, and 40 were with us for the live session. It was an inspiring and uplifting experience for us all. There is a next step waiting to happen from this call.

And finally, at least as I understand it for the moment, there is another level of small group mentoring that wants to happen via videoconference every 4-6 weeks over a nine- or twelve-month period. I am listening to this potential now and trusting that, over the next couple of months, the form will crystalize and I can announce this new program in the autumn.

Question #4: Who is that shift asking me to be? What role is it asking me to play?

It’s asking me to step even more fully into the mentor role. It’s about bringing all that I have learned over the last 40 years to the table in support of others. It’s also asking me to continue dancing in a new role that beautifully combines mentoring, coaching, teaching, and holding space for people’s magnificence and authentic power to shine. I recognize that I am doing this already, yet I’m continually finding deeper layers of this new role.

The shift is also asking me to be even more disciplined in where I put my focus. To not allow fear about particular things that are happening in my country or in the world to become a distraction from walking toward the creation of something greater than where we are now. It’s a spiritual warrior energy that I have practiced for years, yet I sense another dimension of that energy emerging within me now. And I’m being asked to say yes.

At the same time, it’s asking me to be even more mindful of my own energy and well being – to build more rest and rejuvenation days and weeks into my schedule.

Question #5: What is one step I can take today to move toward that shift?

Engaging the Deep Simple in recent days has already been a big step. The process has brought a stronger alignment within me and with something much bigger than me.

The next step is to listen and respond to the mentoring opportunities that are already showing themselves.

I will listen to the idea of a periodic free call for Transformational Presence graduates who want to take this work into organizations and business. I invite clarity about the format and frequency of the calls.

I will also listen to the potential for small-group mentoring—cohorts of 4-6 leaders and coaches who would like to meet once a month or every 6 weeks to share their work in the world and to be mentored by me. Our focus will be on living, leading, and coaching through Transformational Presence in their public and personal lives, service, and relationships.

In taking this step, I will continue using the questions of The Deep Simple to deepen my understanding of what wants to happen, to crystalize the vision, and to bring these programs into form.

The Deep Simple has also reminded me once again that the greater impact of Transformational Presence may happen through others more than directly through me. The more leaders, coaches, and servants of a greater good that I can mentor in continuing to expand awareness and deepen understanding of how life works as energy in motion, the more I will contribute to a world that works. I see my bigger work actually happening “behind the scenes”—in the deep one-on-one and small group mentoring work with those who may have a bigger stage.

Defining the Next Era  

The Deep Simple has become one of my best friends. I encourage you to experiment with it yourself. Breathe into the bigger intelligence of your heart, and let your heart answer the questions. It has access to a much greater wisdom than your intellect. Let the Deep Simple help you find clarity and your next step.

How we define the next era is up to all of us. The more all of us together can lift up the human spirit to flourish and thrive, the better chance we have of raising the collective consciousness. As the consciousness shifts, leaders will begin making different choices and taking different actions. And step-by-step, generation-by-generation, we create a world that works.

~ ~ ~

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