This week, we conclude this series of articles on TransformAction and the four modern-day prototypes that are the foundation of TransformActional work. In the last few weeks, we have talked about the first three prototypes, Seer, Explorer, and Co-Creator. When those prototypes are fully alive within us, becoming an Ambassador is a natural next step. 

Both ancient wisdom teachings and fundamental principles of quantum physics tell us that the universe is built on a matrix of relationships – relationships between people, ideas, organizations, circumstances, beliefs, and so on. Nothing exists in isolation. As TransformActional leaders and coaches, our work centers on people’s relationships to themselves, to other people, to their circumstances, to the emerging potential, and to their beliefs and ideas about what is going on.

Accomplishing goals, realizing dreams, resolving conflicts, and working through challenges, are all about bringing relationships between people and ideas into alignment. As relationships come into alignment, the situations themselves begin to transform. Circumstances, situations, organizations, and societies transform because relationships, beliefs, habits, and patterns transform. As transformation occurs, we begin to create new realities.

The Seer is able to perceive what is happening in the relationship space and the potential that is waiting to unfold. The Explorer then pushes the limits of that space to find what else is there that hasn’t yet been discovered. From there, the Co-Creator partners with the potential and other players where appropriate to create something new. By nature, the process of Co-Creation invites others into discovery and potential. As we extend those invitations, we take our first steps into the prototype of Ambassador.

Ambassadors are hosts, inviting others to discover something new – to experience a new culture, a new way of doing something, a new way of being. Through honing our skills as Seers, Explorers, and Co-Creators, tapping into higher awareness and serving a greater potential has become a way of life for us. Thinking intuitively has become our habit. Now as Ambassadors of TransformAction, we serve as hosts to the greater Consciousness and stewards of potential. We build bridges of understanding and awareness. We help those we serve step into greatly expanded ways of living and working. We open doors to new levels of consciousness. We become stewards for the greater potential that is ready to emerge.

As Ambassadors, we ask questions that invite discovery of new perspectives and approaches. We don’t tell those we serve what to think, but rather we invite them into new ways of thinking. We offer them tools and skills that become the bridges to new ways of perceiving and engaging both their inner and outer worlds. We invite them to work with whatever is in front of them rather than fight against it.

As those we serve learn to think and experience in more expanded ways, they discover what wants to happen in their circumstances and situations, as well as their next steps. They become Seers, Explorers, and Co-Creators. And in time, they will then become Ambassadors for those that they serve. Step by step, person by person, organization by organization, we expand the mass consciousness.

As we embody the qualities of these four prototypes, we learn to intuit what wants to happen and move directly into action. We co-create with potential. We “flow with” instead of “push against.” Rather than view circumstances as problems to be solved, we tap into the essence of what is happening, look for the greatest potential waiting to emerge, partner with that potential, and flow with it as it starts to unfold. We become TransformActional coaches and leaders, trusting that, if we pay attention, the potential will show us the way forward.

TransformAction can become a way of life. It can become our way of approaching everything from our most personal situations to our shared global opportunities and challenges. It can shape how we navigate our most important relationships, raise our children, work with colleagues, lead a project or organization, govern countries, and empower global initiatives.

The process of TransformAction can be summarized in three simple questions. First, we peer deep into the moment and ask, “What wants to happen?” Variations on that question could be, “What is the potential trying to emerge?” Or, “What is the breakthrough waiting to happen?” Or, “What is this situation trying to tell us?”

The second question: “Who is that asking me to be?” Variations on this question might be, “How is that asking me to show up?” or “What qualities is it asking me to embody?” or “What is that potential asking me to be a steward for?”

And only then do we ask the third question: “What is it asking me to do?”

When our “being” is aligned with the emerging potential, the next action steps become clear. In our culture, we tend to go straight to the doing based on what we already know or what we think will bring the desired result. TransformAction begins with intuiting what wants to happen—letting the potential show itself to us instead of assuming we know what should be done. It means listening, sensing, and intuiting on many levels of awareness all the time, and letting the potential lead the way. It means learning forward. The potential will show us how to move into action when the time is right and when the pieces have come into place. This is co-creation in its highest form.

TransformAction. Sense the potential. Let it show you what it needs and how to bring it into reality. Then be the person it is asking you to be and take the action it asks you for. It’s actually a very simple concept. And it can transform our world.


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