Creating “Soft Landings” After a TPLC or TPLA

Support in integration back into life and work

Scott CordreyScott Cordrey (UK) has an idea for offering care and support within the TP community for a ‘soft landing’ after either the TPLC or the TPLA.

It is a volunteer program – community members supporting each other for integrating the tools and insights you have discovered into your life and work. This can support both present TP community members as well as new graduates.

The ‘Soft Landing’ program offers:

* A free call with a TP ‘Soft Landing’ group member to support you in achieving a soft landing.

* A free quarterly facilitated group Zoom call where individuals can share their needs and experiences with others.

This is a volunteer program – community members supporting each other. If members choose to enter into a coaching relationship beyond a single support session, fees can be negotiated as feels appropriate.

If you would like to receive support with a “soft landing” issue, please reach out to Scott at He will be very happy to coordinate a response, to your needs, from one of the support group members located around the world.

For Questions and More Information Contact:

Scott Cordrey

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