Bundle: Create a World That Works Book & Create a World That Works Companion Exploration Digital Audios

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About Create A World That Works:

We are living in extraordinary times. We face challenges on all levels:  economic, environmental, educational, corporate, governmental, personal, and spiritual.  Experts and thought leaders in all of these arenas put forth ideas and models for the way forward.  However, great as many of those ideas and models may be, if we are going to create a world that works, there must first be a shift in how we think and how we “show up” to life each day. We must learn to look at challenges from the perspective of potential and opportunity rather than thinking of them as problems to be solved. We must become co-creators of a new and different world rather than trying to fix an old one.

Create a World That Works: Tools for Personal and Global Transformation by award-winning author Alan Seale is a practical and accessible guidebook to making these shifts.  Through this book, you can develop:

  • an authentic, dynamic, and impactful personal presence that by its nature is transformational
  • a keen awareness of your intuitive intelligence for guidance in life, leadership, and service
  • an understanding of how life and leadership work as energy in motion
  • tools for co-creation with the matrix of energy that connects all
  • an ability to listen to the great potential of our future and let it show us the way forward

Alan Seale shows you how to live, lead, and serve in ways that inform and inspire more enlightened and effective action, creating a world that works for todayand tomorrow.

Our world is at a tipping point.  We are the best hope for a bright and sustainable future. Create A World That Works lays the groundwork by giving us a foundation of skills for the road ahead.

  • Language:English
  • ISBN-13:978-1578634972

About Create A World That Works Companion Exploration:

In this recording series, you’ll find all of the explorations from the book that are best experienced by being led through them. You can set your own pace in the exercises, taking the time that you need and want so that these explorations can bring you the greatest insights, understanding, and experiences.

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