Bundle: Soul and Ego – The Fundamental Partnership eBook & The View From the Field eBook

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About Soul and Ego – The Fundamental Partnership:

Soul and ego are the two fundamental aspects of our being.  Many spiritual teachings, in essence, encourage us to focus only on soul and to get rid of the ego.  However, Alan offers a different perspective.  The truth is that we cannot function in the physical world without ego because ego is the physical aspect of our being.  Without ego, soul has no vehicle to fulfill its mission in the physical world.  Therefore, to reach our greatest success and share our greatest gifts with the world, we must forge a dynamic partnership between these two fundamental aspects of our being.  In this 11-page e-book, Alan shares one of the fundamental pillars of his teaching.  Until ego can find its mature self, get past its fears and resistance, it cannot serve as the hands and feet of soul.  Yet as ego grows up into its authentic power and strength, it becomes soul’s first co-creative partner.  In this e-book, Alan shows you the path to that partnership.

About The View From the Field:

From What the Bleep to The Secret to all the talk about the Law of Attraction, we hear a lot these days about how quantum physics applies to manifestation.  However, it can all still seem like a lot of words and big ideas that are hard to grasp conceptually, much less understand how to apply in your daily life and work.  In this 35-page e-book, Alan has translated big concepts into very simple and understandable language.  He creates a comparison between classical physics and quantum physics through real-life illustrations that make it all easy to understand.  The more we can understand the science behind how life works as energy in motion, the more tangible it all becomes to us in this 3-dimensional world in which we live.  And the more tangible our knowledge, the more easily we can integrate this understanding into our daily lives, embody a more dynamic and authentic personal presence, and begin to make a significant difference in our world.

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