eCourse: Intuitive Living – A Journey with Spirit



11-Module eCourse with Alan Seale


Intuition in its highest form is the voice of your soul and of Spirit within you.  To live intuitively means to live in daily dialogue with your soul—to live in an awareness of all that is within and around you—to live in alignment and harmony with the Greater Consciousness.

When you live in this alignment and harmony, amazing synchronicities happen.  You begin living in an awareness of your oneness with all, yet at the same time knowing yourself clearly as an individual with a unique role to play and gift to share.  Through this awareness, you discover a profound inner peace and the path toward realizing your greatest potential.

Alan Seale has taught intuitive development throughout North America and Europe for 20 years. For the first time, Alan has created an online version of this profound workshop. Join him on an 11-week journey into the wonder, wisdom, and power of intuitive awareness. Through video, interactive audios, and short excerpts from his award-winning book, Intuitive Living, you will:

  • heighten your personal and spiritual awareness
  • awaken and refine your intuitive gifts
  • establish a deeper oneness with the divine

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