Transformational Presence Practices

Conscious Living in a Rapidly Changing World

6 one-hour classes
Tuesdays at 2 pm EDT / 11 am PDT / 20:00 CET
April 28; May 5, 12, 19, 26; June 2

Alan Seale Teaching at KantaraWe are living in uncertain times. Living with uncertainty takes a toll on our well-being, our focus, and our ability to navigate life. Transformational Presence can help. Through simple and practical yet powerful tools and exercises, Transformational Presence offers an approach to everyday life that can help you see more clearly, listen more deeply, and sense your next steps with greater confidence and ease.

In this six-week interactive and experiential Zoom course with Alan, you will learn to work with challenges as they arise rather than push against them. You will learn how to find the greater meaning or purpose behind circumstances and situations, and partner with that bigger purpose to go forward. In short, you will learn tools and skills for navigating life with greater ease, confidence, creativity, and resilience.

Transformational Presence Practices (TPP) is a perfect first step into the Transformational Presence approach, as well as a wonderful refresher course for graduates of our programs. If this six-week course is calling out to you, join us!

Choose your price:

We are living in unprecedented times. While we have always endeavored to price our programs reasonably to make them accessible to a wider audience, these times ask for even more consideration. Many people’s financial circumstances have changed because of the global pandemic, while others’  have remained secure.

Therefore, for the coming months, we offer three-tier pricing for some new programs. It is our hope that those who need financial assistance can benefit from this pricing structure, while those who are more secure financially will choose the Sustainable or Supporter options.


Scholarship PriceScholarship Price—$90 (for those who need some financial support)

Sustainable PriceSustainable Price—$150 (helps keep our doors open and cover expenses)

Supporter PriceSupporter Price—$210 (helps support a Scholarship participant as well as the continued expansion of Transformational Presence programs and services)

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