Manifestation, gratitude, and celebration – these are the themes for us this week in our new home and offices for the Center for Transformational Presence. The big move is complete! Our new home is about 45 minutes north of Boston, 15 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and 10 minutes from the historic seaport town of Newburyport. We’re a little further out in the countryside now where it is even more peaceful, quiet, and serene.

The whole process of this move – more than a year in the making – has been a great testament to the power of manifestation. Following the structure of the Manifestation Wheel, we laid the groundwork, put everything in place as best we could, and trusted that we would know just the right moment to actually put our house on the market.

Indeed, that moment came on the morning of Monday, August 20th. I awoke with a powerful premonition that we should call our realtor right away and put the house up for sale. I shared this premonition with Johnathon over breakfast. Frankly, the thought of adding this to our already overly full autumn travel and working schedules was a bit overwhelming. Our rational minds were screaming, “You’re crazy!” Yet we took a few deep breaths, chose to trust the strong intuitive message, and said, “OK, let’s go!”

Things Started Moving Fast

And from that moment forward, things moved really fast. The real estate listing for the house went live online on Wednesday evening, August 22nd, and the first showings were scheduled for Saturday, August 25th. On Wednesday afternoon, August 29th, our realtor called with a very good offer from a young couple just starting their family. We accepted it that evening. On Saturday, September 2nd, we made an offer on a townhouse in exactly the place we wanted to live, and our offer was accepted the next day. Within ten days from putting our house up for sale, we had sold it and bought a new one.

In large part, this manifestation was possible because of the work we had done over the last year. Everything had been put in place. By the structure of the Manifestation Wheel, our work in the first five houses had set us up for quick results in the sixth house of Action.

A Year of Preparation

We began seriously considering a move in September 2017. We met with a realtor and began getting the house ready to sell. Photographs were taken, minor repairs and touch-up painting were done, and everything was put in place so that everything would be ready when the time came to officially put the house on the market.

During that same time, we also began looking at properties to familiarize ourselves with the current housing market. We were very clear about what we were looking for – a townhouse/condominium in a rural setting that was beautiful both inside and out and ready to move into. We were seeking a home that could meet our needs both for living and office spaces, as well as a home that could support us in a comfortable and relatively maintenance-free life. Coming from a large property with beautiful gardens requiring a lot of outdoor care, we were ready to downsize our property significantly. We were also looking for a more compact living space that was flooded with light – a space that offered privacy and easy access to nature. We preferred an open floor plan design and a space that, with our furnishings, would feel casual and relaxed yet also have a sense of elegance.

Within a couple of weeks, we zeroed in on a particular townhouse/condominium community about 20 minutes away from our current house. Everything about it felt perfect – beautiful homes with open space and lots of natural light, well-tended grounds, a country setting that was quiet and peaceful and surrounded by nature. We set our intention – this was where we wanted to live.

There was one home for sale in that community at that time. However, we weren’t ready to enter into negotiations on a new home until we had an offer on our current house. And as beautiful as that home was, we also sensed it was not “the one.” As the market was very tight then, the house was quickly sold to another buyer. That was fine. We trusted that the perfect house for us in this community was going to appear at just the right moment.

A Significant Stumbling Block

In the meantime, as we continued preparing our house for sale, much to our dismay, we discovered that the septic system on our property was failing. A new system would have to be installed before the property could be sold. This was an incredibly expensive project – something that we had not counted on.

By this time, winter was approaching, so the project would have to be delayed until the springtime. Once spring arrived, heavy rains pushed the installation of the system back even further, so that the project was not completed until late July. Then it was still another month before the newly sown grass was taking root over the underground septic system.

In real estate, as with so many other things, timing can be everything. As it happens, there had been no houses for sale in our favorite community since September of the year before. In addition, the real estate market continued to be very tight in our area through the summer, and there were no other houses on the market that we wanted to consider. So there was no place for us to go, even if our house did sell. Again, we continued to trust that somehow everything would come together in the right time.

Bucking Conventional Wisdom

By the time the installation of the septic system was completed and we once again had a green lawn, conventional wisdom told us that we should wait until spring 2019 to actually put the house up for sale. The fall market is usually much slower than the spring market in our area, and it seemed that we had missed our window of opportunity.

However, here’s where the story gets interesting and the power of manifestation kicks in.

Back to Monday, August 20th. That afternoon, we met with our realtor. For three hours, we analyzed the market and where our house fit into the inventory of houses for sale in our area. In the end, we settled on a price and she immediately got to work to complete the listing. Our preparation from nearly a year before paid off because the photos were ready and the paper work had been done. Together, we had already put everything into place.

Now it was time to focus on the energetic aspect of the manifestation. Amazingly, right about the same time as we listed our house, a townhouse came up for sale in the community where we wanted to live – the first one to appear on the market there in almost a year. We went to see it immediately. Our first impression was that the house was too small. Yet over the next couple of days, the house kept talking to us and drawing us in. We went to see it for a second time and made an offer.

There were many little synchronicities along the way that kept reassuring us that this was the right choice. As just one example, because Johnathon and I were both going to be away from mid-September to mid-October for our work, we needed delayed closings for both the sale of our old house and the purchase of the new one. Not to mention, time to pack! As it happened, both our buyers and our sellers stipulated that the closings could not occur before October 26th. That worked perfectly for us.

We closed on the sale of our old house on October 31stand on the purchase of our new house on November 1st. We moved into the new house on November 2nd.

Where You Put Your Focus

A critical key in any manifestation project is recognizing that the project itself is actually a vehicle for a larger potential to be realized. The job of the manifestor is to be clear about that greater potential and to align his or her intention and focus with that potential.

For us, the greater potential was freedom from the responsibilities of a big property and freedom to be able to lock the door and leave the house for long periods of time. Furthermore, there was potential for a home that could serve us well in the next big chapter of our lives. We also sensed that there was more waiting for us through this move that we didn’t yet recognize. Again, we trusted the strong intuitive messages and followed.

On an energetic level, we began inhabiting our new home from the moment that we realized it was the right place for us. We imagined ourselves working in our respective offices in the new house, preparing wonderful meals in the beautiful kitchen, entertaining friends in the open living space, and long summer dinners on the deck overlooking the woods.

Not Without Moments of Stress

The ten weeks from putting our house on the market to moving into our new home were not without moments of stress. In particular, there were two times when it appeared that the sale of our house might fall through. Our buyers faced some challenges in the sale of their house.

Yet at the same time, we felt so carried through this whole process. We recognized all of the synchronicities that had brought everything together and kept reaffirming that, somehow, everything was going to work in the end. We kept on packing boxes, even through the scariest moments. We held the vision and, energetically speaking, kept lifting our buyers up throughout the scary times. And it all worked.

As I write, the sun has set on our fourth day in our new house. Almost all of the boxes are unpacked. All of the rugs have been spread on the beautiful hardwood floors, and it is starting to feel like home. My office is mostly unpacked and is functional. Within another couple of days, it will be fully organized.

A Toast to New Beginnings

Over dinner and a glass of very good red wine last night, we drank a toast to new beginnings. We will continue to celebrate the power of manifestation and are filled with gratitude for understanding how life works as energy in motion.

Perhaps this article can inspire you to go after a dream of your own. It’s not so hard. It just takes focus, commitment, awareness, and the willingness to say yes when your vision says to you, “Now – today – take the step right now. Don’t wait. The time is right now.”

~ ~ ~

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