In just a few days, we will leave our home and office in Sleepy Hollow on the North Shore of Massachusetts and move a bit further north to the rural environs of Newbury. Throughout the packing process, I’ve been particularly aware of the treasures and stories of our lives and work, as well as the personal impact of pulling up our roots.

We’re very intentional about how we create and inhabit our living and working spaces. Everything in our home and office has a story. Packing to move has brought the opportunity to connect with those stories again. It has also meant making conscious choices about what we take with us and what it’s now time to let go of. The process has been both beautiful and tender.

Having roots, both in terms of heritage and place, has also always been important to me. We’ve pulled up our roots here in Sleepy Hollow and now find ourselves in a liminal space—a space in between. We don’t really live here anymore, yet we don’t yet live in Newbury either. This in-between space has brought it’s own emotional journey.

In the five-minute video below, I share some of my own experience and then explore with you the meaning and relevance of treasures and roots as they show up in your life.


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