deep stillness in my soul

all sense of urgency gone
leaving me with deep peace
empty thoughts
enormous love

even in frustrating moments
even when hard things
must be said or done

a sense that all things
will somehow find their way
and I will find my way
with them

and so will everyone else
even if they don’t know it yet

I arrived here a few months ago
and the feeling has remained strong
I am so grateful

how did I get here?
I can’t say exactly

perhaps it was many years of

coupled with a conscious
to slow down
to savor more of the day
to allow time
for spontaneous encounters
when they arise

choice to linger
in a
or in a
or in another’s
dancing eyes

choice to linger
a little longer in a
snuggle with my dogs

choice to linger
when my hand finds
my partner’s hand
and at least for that moment
all is right with the world

yes, there it is

years of practice
coupled with
for how I want to

even more intention
about how I spend my days
how I choose to show up
with myself and others


it’s as simple as that

yet it demands
to notice
what matters most
in each moment

otherwise it can
easily slip away

I love my work these days
perhaps more
than I ever have
and that is saying a lot

it is such a gift
that I have been able
to do what I do

that I have been able
to follow the callings of my
and make a life of it

I do not take that for granted
I am blessed

I also acknowledge that
I had a part in creating this gift

I have made
clear choices
to say yes
to Life’s invitations
to say yes to the
I was asked for

I have been intentional in my
co-creation with Life

and now I’m being even more
in my intention

I’m asking Life
to bring invitations
that allow my gifts to shine
and make the greatest impact

 that allow me to give
the best
of what I have to offer

there is just one caveat

I’m asking Life to let me offer my
in a more
relaxed pace

it’s happening already

focused intention is an incredible thing
I’ve become pretty adept at
manifesting my life
and trusting that all will
fall into place

getting here took more years
than I would like to admit
yet how great that it only took
this long

this week brings
the 64thanniversary
of my birth

I enter my 65thyear

Life is good
I am blessed
We all are
maybe just in different ways

I am grateful

~ ~ ~

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