Wherever I go in my travels these days and with whomever I speak, I sense a heightened concern and attention for what is going on in our countries and in our world. Some people are hopeful; others are on the edge of despair. Some express deep sadness; others, anger. Some are trapped in fear; others are summoning courage to stand for what they feel is right because of that fear.

However, no matter what country I am in or with whom I am speaking, there seems to be a common thread running through most of the conversations. I sense a deep longing and desire for community, for connection, and for a sense of belonging. As people who care deeply for our world, we need each other. Especially in times like these, we yearn for the caring presence of others who “get it” – people who can simply be with us in the face of whatever we may be feeling. We long for a space where we can be whoever we are in that moment and feel whatever we feel without having to explain anything. We seek presence with one another in an intentional space.

It takes focus, practice, and commitment to be intentional in how we show up every day. It takes clarity to be intentional about the spaces we create for ourselves and others. It helps to be in touch with whatever we believe is the fundamental source that sustains us. I define that source as Love. For me, Love is the source of our being and the wave that can carry us when all else fails.

In a recent Discovery Dialogue, host Joel Mitchell spoke of the resources we can tap into for support. Then, with a play on the word “resource,” he went on to speak of re-sourcing ourselves – of reconnecting to the source of our being. His play on resource gave me a name for what has recently become an essential practice in my life – re-sourcing myself in Love.

For me, re-sourcing in Love means remembering that Love is available to me at every moment – that, in fact, it’s who I am and what I am made of. It’s who you are, too, and what you are made of. Neither you nor I can ever be separated from Love. Sometimes I just forget that I am Love. I forget that Love will carry me.

As I practice re-sourcing in Love, I realize that it’s actually a combination of several practices, each of which feeds my soul and revives my spirit. One of those practices is daily connection with people from all over the world who are a part of the Transformational Presence community. The unconditional embrace and support that many of us in this community feel for each other and for humanity is extraordinary. We are creating intentional spaces of Love with one another.

Another re-sourcing practice I am currently finding helpful is paying attention to what I am grateful for, while, at the same time, acknowledging what I am longing for. This practice helps me recognize the depth and fullness of what is going on deep inside of me. By acknowledging my own inner experience and allowing myself to feel whatever I feel, I stretch my capacity for being present with the full spectrum of human experience. That stretching brings more compassion for others. It’s especially helpful when I’m with people whose worldviews are different than mine.

Yet there is more. I’m discovering that when I hold gratitude and my deep inner longings together in the same embrace, I become more resilient. And as I become more resilient, I reconnect with my faith in the human spirit. That faith gives me strength and clarity to carry on.

Re-sourcing in Love is helping me get out of bed in the morning and do what I’m here to do – coach, write, teach, speak, and serve. I keep my focus on what is mine to do right now, and trust that that is enough.

What re-source practice could serve you right now?

~ ~ ~

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