As you reflect back over your life, you can probably recognize chapters or periods of time that had a particular focus. In broad strokes, you might name some of those chapters as your early childhood years, your growing up years, your education years, your early career years… How would you name the chapter you are in now? What is this time in your life really about? And more specifically, what is the opportunity for learning right now?

In my own life experience, I’m recognizing that when I focus on those last two questions – “What is this time really about?” and “What am I learning?” – I actually experience less stress, and more sense of ease and flow.

If I try to manage all of the many things currently on my plate, I easily become overwhelmed and wonder how I will ever do it all. Yet when I shift my perspective to look at all of those responsibilities, activities, and engagements, as ways for me to develop a particular aspect of myself, learn a particular skill, or expand a particular capacity of being and presence, I begin to breathe more easily. Everything comes into a more singular focus.

My job then is to keep my focus on that one thing and view all of the “stuff” as pathways or vehicles for that particular learning and growth. The unexpected benefit is that I end up being more effective in every aspect of my life, including the gifts and service I offer to others.

In the 7-minute video below, we go deeper into these questions together. There is also a very short exercise to help you discover the underlying learning and development theme that is showing up for you right now. Take a deep breath and settle into your chair for the next few minutes. Perhaps a new perspective is waiting.


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