Nearly everyone I know is in some kind of transition right now. In times of transition, it is easy to get caught up in navigating all that is happening and forget to ask one simple yet powerful question: What is important to you now?

As we walk through the stages of our lives, what is important to us can change. Some of our priorities and values may shift. This is completely normal. How we show up in both our personal and public lives is constantly evolving. Our perspectives, interests, and desires evolve as well. It’s a journey. For me, it continues to be a journey of setting myself free from whatever holds me back from living the life that calls me.

In his June 2, 2018 Daily Meditation from the Center for Action and Contemplation, Franciscan priest Richard Rohr wrote:

In order to live your soul into the world,
you must continuously loosen your beliefs
about who you are.

Poet and novelist Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple,wrote:

In each of us, there is a little voice
that knows exactly which way to go.

Living your soul into the world.
Loosening your beliefs about who you are.
A voice inside that knows exactly which way to go.

That little voice is the voice of your soul. It’s hard to hear when you are holding on tightly to what you have believed or been told that you are. Or who you thought you were supposed to be. Loosening your beliefs gives you space to discover, to grow, to evolve, to live your soul into the world.

Your soul is on a journey – its own unique path. It not only knows which way to go – at some point in your life, it may also demand to be seen and acknowledged. It may demand to be given a voice – to be given expression. In those moments, you come face to face with the truth of your being.

In last week’s video, I talked about personal presence – that how you show up is, in the end, the most important thing.

This week, we go a little deeper. If you are in touch with your soul, and if you live your soul into the world, then, over time, how you show up and what is most important to you in life will change, evolve, grow, and transform. It happens by itself. The contributions that you make to your world are certainly gifts to others, yet for your soul, they are the vehicles and pathways for your soul to learn and grow and experience. They are vehicles for you to live into your ever-evolving potential.

In the 9-minute video below, we’ll explore all of this further. Then, in the coming weeks, I encourage you to keep checking in with yourself:

What is most important to me right now?

Then zoom out to look at the bigger time line of your life.

What has been important to me in the past?

And then one more question:

Is what is important now a temporary thing,
or does it represent a shift in who I am,
or a shift in direction or desire in my life?

There is no right or wrong answer. It will be different for everyone. The key is to pay attention – to be in touch with your soul – to acknowledge what really matters to you in every situation and part of your life, and then to live that. Live into what is important to you. Live into the contributions you want to make to your world – the ways in which you want to make a difference.

Don’t worry about how long it will take or whether or not you can do it. Just start. Keep moving. Things will unfold. And you will live into what is important to you.


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