How Vision and a New Perspective of Now Can Transform Our World

What if we were to expand our sense of “now” to cover a span of 5, 10, or 20 years instead of today, this week, or, at best, this year? What if now was a lifetime? What if now was a century? We would still be standing in the present moment as the centerpoint of now, but, like in a camera lens, we would open the aperture so as to be able to photograph a larger field. If now consisted of this moment and the 20 or 40 years on either side of this moment, how might our perspective be different?

Year-End Days

Mid-way between Christmas and New Year's Day, I'm loving the stillness. I live on a fairly busy street, yet even at the peak traffic times, the street is quiet. The skies are typical gray for this time of year in Rochester, and the snowfall is light but steady. The fire in the fireplace keeps me…
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