Choosing Your Relationship To Challenge

Let’s face it, even if you are very skilled in the art of living, challenges come up both personally and professionally. Sometimes those challenges can feel insurmountable; other times a series of small challenges or obstacles add up to the point of overwhelm. It can feel like all you do is put out fires. So…

Surrender and Co-Creation in Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership demands understanding both surrender and co-creation and knowing how they fit together. First, to define terms, I speak of surrender in its "eastern" sense--giving over to something larger--as opposed to giving up as it is often interpreted in the "western" sense. Co-creation is a process of partnering with something or someone else to…

Blessed Unrest

I’ve come to understand that the blessed unrest is not going to go away, so I might as well stop fighting it. I save myself a lot of anguish when I just surrender straight away. And as soon as I surrender to the blessed unrest–surrender to my soul and its calling–synchronicities start to happen and momentum starts to build. Before I know it, I’m completely engaged in the manifestation of that next vision and the blessed unrest feels like a passion on fire.

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