When you don’t know what you don’t know

I recently watched a Chautauqua lecture by Dev Patnaik, CEO of Jump Associates and author of Wired to Care. His topic was hybrid thinking. One of the things in his talk that really spoke to me for transformational leadership and coaching was his distinction between complex problems and ambiguous problems. Patnaik defined a complex problem as one…

Stewards for Transformation in the Economy, Business, Government, Society: Where do we begin?

What if we looked at our many current crises as opportunities to redefine growth as, first, an expansion of who we are, and second, to an expansion of what we have? What if our first response to current breakdowns was to reconsider how we show up in the world rather than to argue about how to fix an outdated system?

Transformation–What Does that Mean?

Transformation has become another buzz word of the day--a word that is being tossed around casually often without considering what it truly means. Transformation is not a "casual" concept. It is a life-altering concept. It literally means to change form. At the most fundamental level, transformation means a shift in vibrational frequency. When we transform,…
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