Transformational Leadership: Working From the Inside Out

This week I was in Bucharest to speak at the ICF (International Coach Federation) Romania conference. Then I flew to The Netherlands where I am now for speaking and teaching engagements for the next two weeks. What strikes me again and again as I travel is that regardless of where I am, and whether the…

How Vision and a New Perspective of Now Can Transform Our World

What if we were to expand our sense of “now” to cover a span of 5, 10, or 20 years instead of today, this week, or, at best, this year? What if now was a lifetime? What if now was a century? We would still be standing in the present moment as the centerpoint of now, but, like in a camera lens, we would open the aperture so as to be able to photograph a larger field. If now consisted of this moment and the 20 or 40 years on either side of this moment, how might our perspective be different?

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